ponedeljek, 18. julij 2016

Buwizz beta testing

In the course of the last few weeks I had an opportunity to test the newly developed Lego power functions battery and control application, called the BuWizz. For the first stess test I built a massive rock crawler which uses four power puller wheels, four RC motors and the newly developed double torque tube suspension. To help with steering the crawler used two servo motors.

Here you can see the first driving test with BuWizz in normal mode at 1:5 gear ratio:

Few days later we tried a different control mode, called the ludicrus mode, which increases the power supplied to the motors beyond of what a normal Lego battery box can ever do. For that I increased the offroader's final gear ratio to just 3:5. As you can see in the video below the speed boost is quite impressive.

Finally I decided to build a speed - only dedicated model which uses realistic caster angle for directional stability, racing hard suspension, tumbler wheels for maximum traction and a light, yet strong chassis. That model, even though powered by only 2 RC motors reached speed of 25 km/h, as you can see here:

Having experienced the potential BuWizz has in store for increased performance and control, I can only suggest you guys try to make this concept into reality. Thanks to BuWizz team for allowing me to beta test this product and I hoope it does come true.

Support this awesome product here: