ponedeljek, 06. junij 2016

Recap of International trucktrial - Budapest 2016

I pick up my massive hockey bag and drag it on the train. The conductor gives me a weird look. The bag is massive and inside there are two models, the Oshkosh 10x10 PLS and the Ginaf 4x4.
This is the start of my journey to Budapest to the international trialtruck competition.
Dragging my bag across the train I find myself sharing the small cabin with two more people and a parrot in a carrier.
The fellow's name slipped my mind, but he kept calling his owner which he couldnt see... It was rather cute.

Few hours later I was left alone, so I took the time to fix the models which have taken quite a beating on the way... The best thing was fixing the dual X-24 engines on the oshkosh. Since you have to ALIGN ALL CLYINDERS AT ONCE for BOTH ENGINES this felt like doing a brain surgery on a moving train.

After that pleasent rebuild I was nearing the capital of Hungary, Budapest. There Nandi was already waiting for me to do some heavy lifting help me carry the bag and drive me to the hostel. I reserved the hostel few weeks before and this is what I've walked into. Needless to say I felt right at home.

After much needed sleep it was time to explore the city a bit before going to the competition location. I found a near-by Lego store and bought myself some rare bricks in all kinds of unusual colors. Can you say teal, lime and violet studless bricks? In all the excitment I bought two left large panels... But at least I got a flick missile thingy :)

Following that over-exciting purchase Nandi picked me up and we left the city and went to the surrounding hills. The site of the massive green hillside, paragliders and the heavenly clouds left me picking up my jaw. After everyone gathered we took the road to the abandoned sports airfield where we set up the various stages of pain and suffering for our trucks.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than I'm going to up that with videos showing the highlights of the group ABS plastic torture international trucktrial competition.

As you can imagine we had an awesome time. Like I said on Eurobricks, these kind of competitions bring out the best from people...and the worst out of the trucks :)

I would here-by like to thank everyone for a great weekend. I met a lot of really friendly and nice people, had fun exploring the beautiful Budapest and learned a lot in ways to improve my trial trucks.

See you guys again soon.