četrtek, 17. marec 2016

Double torque tube live axle idea

 I got this idea yesterday and decided to build it.

Its an improvmement of a classical torque tube suspension, but now it uses 2 torque tubes to form two half axles which are connected to each other via a turntable:

To keep the half-axles from bending away there's a lower linkage made out of 5L suspension arms and some beams:

So what's the difference btween this and classical single torque tube?

Lets start with advantages:
- No need for links or panhrads to keep the axle in place
- Now each axle can have an independent drive, therebye elimenating torque flex
- Or you can use one ball joint for drive an dother for steering
- Can carry much more torque

And there are also some disadvantages:
- Less flexible, maximum angle this setup can bend to is some 30 degrees
- Steering is a bit more complicated, since the axles pivot in the center, you need some ball joints and links
- Takes more space

But you can even expand the concept to use three torque tubes.
Now the side ones can carry power while the center one supports the steering system:

I plan to try to use this new idea in future models, since it allows me to make a vehicle with independent left - right wheel drive with zero suspesnsion torque flex.