nedelja, 07. februar 2016

Lego plan for 1H 2016

Here's my first ever plan on what I will build in the first half of the year 2016. The order of the models may vary, depending on my situation, but I generally want to make the next models and tutorials.

1. Silverfox

Its about time to make another walking animal, the last one was motorized wolf from 2011. The building process has already started and you can expect more updates on this model very soon. The model will be another step forward in my animals with more optimised structure, functions and realism. An example given is the use of ball joints for the hips, and linear actuators for muscles analougous to what animals have.

2. Arocs 10x10

With Lego's relase of the 42043 Mercedes Arocs I was inspired to make a fully driven and motorized version. This is not a simple mod, but a complete new model, the only similarity is the cabin. The original hard suspension is replaced with soft interdependent axle system which gives the model extreme suspension articulation. For extra maneuverabilty and traction there is also a 5th steered axle added in the rear.

This model is due to relase as soon as I manage to get the donour 42043 Lego Mercedes set.

3. Dominator TRS hypercar

Sample picture, real model will probably be different

With the upcomming relase of the new Lego porsche I was inspired to create a new supercar with advanced functions as multilink suspension, flappy paddle gearbox, remote control system, and many other secret functions. I belive this will be one of my most complex, advanced and detailed models so far.

4. All-round fastest Lego RC model

Lately I have been hearing you guys want less offroaders and more variety.
Well I hear you guys :)

What I have in plan is to create the fastest, most maneuverable and all round best pure Lego RC car I can make.

The whole process will be split into 6 video tutorials:

1. Testing, comparing and choosing wheels for best performance compromise between traction, rolling resistance and weight.

2. Choosing the motor and control system and comparing the different driveline systems such as front, rear, all wheel drive, differentials, and so on.

3. Creating and showcasing the different suspensions systems and explaining how the different factors such as caster, camber, accerman and multilink geometries affect the handling.

4. Resarching the best compromise for a bodywork which will have to be detailed, yet light as possible. I also plan to showcase the different ways you can build the body, ranging from full studded bodies to simple flex-tube shapes.

5. The final assembly. All the before explored modules will some together into a model which will be ready for the final and most entertaining, action packed finale.

6. Measure and test step is the final part where the finished car is put through its paces. I plan to measure acceleration, top speed, handling, and reliability of the finished prototype and iron out the bugs to fnish the project.

As you can see this video tutorial pack will basically be a learning tool for both me and the viewers into how to push Lego designs into new limits than ever before.

What do you think of my H1 2016 plan? Please leave a comment and thank you for reading!

sobota, 06. februar 2016

250+ Instructions pack and costum model support now available

250+ Instructions pack

In all my years of building Lego models and using the awesome Lego digital designer I made several hundred models some more and some less successfull. Some of these, like the oshkosh 10x10 have yet to be built in real life.

Because there are just so many ideas and models which I would really like to share with my fellow builders, I decided to make this Lego digital designer package and offer it for a really low price of 10€.

You may be wondering...but why not make it free?
- Well... Lots of my models already have a free LDD file you can download
- We are talking about 250 models here, imagine the amount of work and effort which went into this
- I am currently unemployed, so any kind of financial support means a lot to me.


You can download the package here:

And to pay/contact me please mail me at:

Custom model support

Recently I also had some experiences with making custom models, so why not offer these too?
Basically if you need help in designing a model, I can help you in all steps of the process. I am mostly experienced with technic, but I can of course also use any other types of Lego systems.
General price for costum model support is around 10 cents/part, but can vary depending on the size, complexity and time spent on it. First costumer gets 50% off. If you are interested please dont hesitate to contact me at

For more informations please check the video:

četrtek, 04. februar 2016